Live and Love in the Chaos


Live and love in the chaos. I would describe my life right now as chaos. 3 boys under 5, an amazing business, manager of a household, church callings, traveling husband, and just not enough time in the day for it all it seems. The problem with saying my life is chaos, is that the word chaos has a negative reaction in our minds, and my life is anything but negative. All of these things that occupy my time are such tremendous blessings in my life, and really they are what keeps me grounded.

Often times my kids will melt down, as I am sure most kids do. I used to just give up at that point in the day, the meltdowns have started, this day is screwed. Then one day I just decided to try something new. My son Charlie was beginning a meltdown, over what I can not remember.  When I realized he was losing it, instead of giving up, I said to myself,” Self, don’t look at a meltdown as a negative thing, look at it as a chance to show him how much you love him and want to help him.” It was such a pivotal point for me in learning how to navigate the emotions of my children, and that day I learned something. I can learn to live and love in the chaos. The words “a beautiful mess” can not be more true about the life of a Mother.