Senegence vs. Maskcara

**POST EDIT*** OH MY GOSH!! You guys the response from this has been overwhelming and so fun!! If you want more info on doing Maskcara email me by clicking here!!!  and I’ll give you real honest info and advice. 🙂

**Second Post edit 1/30/18 – Ladies!! It has almost been a year since this all happened, and since I made the switch to Maskcara Beauty. A year later I can tell you it is by far the best thing that has happened! I am now in the top 15 leaders in the company, and training all my girls to do the same. I still get emails all the time from senegence distributors tired of purchasing inventory, putting in the hard work, and not getting anywhere. If that is you, seriously, email me.

When I wasn’t able to do LipSense anymore,(if you are new here from pinterest, click here to read what happened) I was fine. I wasn’t going to find another direct sales company, that wasn’t my focus. It never was. Lipsense really just fell into my lap at the right time and spoke to me, no other company did. Until now. I would never consider being a part of another company unless I knew it had the same potential to make me as much much I did as a Crown Princess with senegence, and if I knew the company was ran better and smarter. This one is. Maskcara is it! Lots of details about direct sales companies are complicated and benefits can be blurred, so I have written them out for you in black and white WHY Maskcara is hands down the better choice. Senegence vs. Maskcara

The biggest difference between the two companies is Senegence takes time away from your life, Maskcara actually gives time back. I no long fulfill orders, waste time mailing, buy supplies, dealing with returns and exchanges, none of. I get to do the best parts of a business, and Maskcara handles the rest.

If you are a senegence distributor and want to do Maskcara but are nervous to leave or do both, email me and I will walk you through the rules of senegence and how to do both! Because contrary to what lots of distributors will tell you, you CAN do both. As long as you never sign the useless Managence Agreement, you can do both. Email me at simplicityandchaos    AT   gmail   DOT   com.   (Gotta avoid those spammers 😉 ) Senegence vs. Maskcara.

I also want to make this perfectly clear, I am comparing the two companies because Senegence is the only other direct sales company I have done, and I knew it in and out. So I knew what to look for and what to compare, and Maskcara fits the bill.

If you haven’t read my post about why I left Senegence, read it here. 

Senegence vs. Maskcara Senegence vs. Maskcara