I Don’t Hate You

Senegence distributors, I don’t hate you. I totally understand that expressing frustration and displeasure with the company that you love so much is offensive, and I’m sorry. I really am! I’m not a hateful person. And you know what? If I saw you at the school drop off line, I would smile and wave.  We have a lot in common, you know! We have families and friends that we love, businesses we work hard to protect. Let’s meet on that common ground.

I understand that the company has grown so rapidly they can’t keep up. I don’t have answers for how they can fix it, but it sucks.

What I don’t like is the obscurity. So much of what comes from the top down doesn’t make sense.

I don’t like the excuses.  Fires, hurricanes, burglaries, insufficient servers, technical outages, all have been blamed for some of the countless DAILY problems within the company.  I’m skeptical that ALL of these events are entirely true.  Or is Senegence just really the most unlucky company ever to have so many insane problems on a regular basis?

I don’t like that so many distributors are pressured into spending hundreds (sometimes THOUSANDS) of dollars in product every month, a lot of which they never receive, are backordered, refunded in “Senebucks”, or they just can’t even sell.

I don’t like that communication from the corporate level most often comes in the form of Facebook posts, passed down from the Crown Princesses and above who are privy to such information.

I don’t like the skincare.  I just don’t.

But despite what you may think, I don’t hate everything!  I actually still love some of the products.  I love the LipSense (even though it doesn’t last more than a few hours on me). I love the glosses.  I love the ShadowSense.

It’s just really unfortunate, and terribly sad, that this company is such a mess right now.

But I still don’t hate you, k?

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