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  1. thank you!!!! I signed up in February, before they did away with the fast start and have earned it and yet have received NOTHING!!! There are NO colors in stock to buy and all I get is blow rainbow unicorn smoke up my ass!! Thank you!! For laying it out on the line. Also, very interested in this Maskara thing. Please contact me.

    1. Hi Kat! Believe me, we TOTALLY understand your frustrations!! It’s crazy right now. I just sent you some more info about Maskcara, so check your inbox! 😉

  2. Thanks so so so much for your honesty!!! I wish I would have seen all of your issues with them before I signed up but oh well live and learn I guess? Right? Lol! I feel like I can’t say anything unless it’s something amazing about SeneGence, can’t question anything and its like I’m not able to show my frustrations with out being looked down on! Any way thanks again for your honesty! I would love information on maskcara! Thanks!

  3. Hi Kati, I appreciate the information you provided re SeneGence. You saved me from following a friend of mine down the path she is currently on with them. It is apparent that you spent a considerable amount of time putting all that information together and in doing so you have done a great service to myself and many others.It takes courage to stand up, as you have, and blow the whistle on wrongdoing. “Evil prevails when good men (and women) stand by and do nothing,” as we learned from the Holocaust. Prepare to be punished when you choose to be a whistleblower. You made the right choice and I for one am proud of you for doing so, as I too am a whistleblower, just in a different arena. Please send me any information you have on maskcara. Thank you, Veronica

  4. Kourtney,
    I would love info on Maskcara. I just ordered my first Lipsence kit and though the way I had to order from my friend who sells it was so strange. Texting an order felt so weird and unprofessional.

  5. I am seriously struggling with some of the same BS you dealt with. Please send me some more info about Maskcara!!

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