Allllllll about Kati, well sort of

Well hello.

I feel like I need to introduce myself but then again I feel like I don’t. You see I used to blog, back in 2008 when blogs were how we all kept in touch with each others’ lives. You know, you had a Blogspot with a cute pre-made template, and you had your little list on the side of your blog with the people you follow and it kept them in order of who recently posted so you knew to check it? It can’t just be me that remembers those days…it really can’t.

That was back when blogging was REAL. It was real life, unfiltered, unsponsored, unapologetic. That’s what I hope Kourtney and I can get back to. We’ll see. I mean, if some company out there wants to pay us all the money to post about paper towels, let’s talk. ┬áBut for now, it’s just us.

So I am Kati. Most days you can find me at home now with my boys, but it didn’t used to always be that way. I used to be living the high life as a highly sought after and paid for wedding photographer.

That’s a lie.

I was a wedding photographer, but a pretty basic one at best. I love photography; always have, always will. But being a photographer is not the same as doing photography. It’s time consuming, extremely time consuming, and after 5 years of doing it I realized what I wanted to do most was live life with my kids. Although what I have learned in the last 2 years of life is that I genuinely love helping others make their businesses successful. Whether it’s budding photographers or hopeful moms doing direct sales, I think I have a knack for it. So my posts will probably be about pictures, kids, business, sales, religion, and anything in between. I am pretty unfiltered in general so nothing is really off limits with me.


One thought on “Allllllll about Kati, well sort of

  1. Hey Kati! I’m so excited I found your blog! Your link was posted in one of those rogue
    SeneGence FaceBook groups, and I have to say your post was so well-written. I’m glad you spoke out.

    Is there any way I can receive updates on your blog, like a newsletter? I know you are just getting set up now, but definitely send me an email if you have a FaceBook page or anywhere I can follow you!

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